November 22, 2016
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Stanley Robert Nettles
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Stanley Robert Nettles, 74, of Tallahassee Florida passed away in his home on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 with family by his side. He was born in Lake City, Florida to Steve Ritch Nettles and Francis Catheryn Wheatley. After his father's passing, he introduced his mom to her future husband and his future step-father, and the new family moved to Tallahassee, Florida

Stanley is preceded in death by his wife Barbara Randall Nettles and survived by his daughters Marsha Studdard (Tracy Studdard) and Cassandra Nettles; granddaughters, Nicole and Heather Studdard; great-grandchildren, Sydney and Jamison Grant; his sister, Joyce Nettles Spurlock (Pete Spurlock), and many cousins, nieces, and nephews. ... more

Published in Tallahassee Democrat from Dec 4, 2016