Leon High School
Tallahassee, Florida

Class of 1960

                                 REUNION WAS A GREAT SUCCESS!

                                 NEW STUFF IS AT THE TOP!
                                                      OLDER STUFF (HISTORY) IS FURTHER DOWN
                                                         First below are photos from the reunion
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First one here is your reunion committee
Standing left to right:  Brent Pichard, Patty Fain Searcy, Velma Connell Matthew, Cecile Williamson Baker, Virginia Culpepper Thorne, Larry Wolfe, Barbara Scott James, Duane Eubanks Underwood, Sandy Sims, Billy Gwynn, Bruce Weale.
Seated left to right:  Edith Berkowitz Gibbs, Carolyn Floyd Hobbs, Harold Brock, Jen Alford Singleton, Joanne Wadsworth Brown, Gerald Grow, Leon Cassels, Deeno Kitchen, Ricky Anderson, Margaret Ausley Stalvey.
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Reunion Band!
These are The Chaotics (Chaotics.com), who will be playing at our dance on Friday night. Click the photo to see a closeup view.
(Photo courtesy of out-standingphotos.com)
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To:1600 Miccosukee Road
Tallahassee, FL 32308
Number and Street:
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Registrants for 50th Reunion
as of 23 April 2010

05-10-2010 Additions

Bagerly, Jimmy
Barineau Brown, Marilyn
Barnett Marsh, Norma Jean
Beane, James
Blinn Quick, Linda
Brock Carlson, Peggy
Cassels, Leon H.
Collins, Marvin
Davenport Yeiser, Lee
Donnell Weaver, Eleanor
Ellerbee, Mark
Gibbs, Arnold
Gordy Cooksey, Linda
Grow, Gerald
Gwynn, Bill
Halstead, Mary J.
Harbin, Michael
Hicks Ward, Carolyn
Hoy, Doug
Hutcheson Cobb, Brenda
Ingram McDowell, Evelyn
Johnson, Thomas I.

Alford, JenSingleton
Anderson, Ricky
Ausley, MargaretStalvey
Ausley, NancyHannon
Brady, Mickey
Brock, Harold
Brown, VickiFuqua
Beck, Frank
Berkowitz, EydieGibbs
Campbell, Larry
Coleman, SybilField
Collins,  Mary CallProctor
Connell, VelmaMatthew
Couey, CynthiaBrubaker
Culpepper, VirginiaThorne
Dumond, Frank
Edwards, BootsMiller
Elzie, Leonard
Eubanks, DuaneUnderwood
Fain, PattySearcy
Folmar, ElaineMcConnell
Folsom, PatChesborough
Frank, David
Goldsmith, Les
Gard, NancyWingenbach
Gluesenkamp, Kay
Hall, Mary HelenRinge
Hannon, AnnetteLee
Harllee, John
Harrison, AnneMitchell
Hickey, Mary AliceGibbons
Hood, RobinDavidson
Hooks, AnneMunroe
Hunter, Bobby
James, Barbara Scott
Jordan, JaniceTesch
Joyce, Bill
Kitchen, Deeno
Krans, CharlotteBlitt
Laird, MelAckerman
Lamb, KayCulpepper
Mahoney, MadelineDickens
May, AnnetteNolan
Messer, Reba CarolynGates
Mulcahy, GailWray
Neves, Richard
Overchuck, John
Payne, Doug
Pope, Mary HelenDaniel
Rowe, Richard
Sander-Cederlof, George
Schleich, Howard
Sims, Sandy
Smith, JacquelineHall
Stansel, Jack
Strickland, DianeTurner
Wadill, Ben
Wadsworth, JoanneBrown
Wolfe, Larry
Yarbrough, ShirleyStoudt
Jordan Markowski, Betsy
Kelly Cooper, Patsy
Maxwell, David (Earl)
McEwan Moore, Shirley
Moates McNiel, Betty Sue
Myers Munyon, Hope
Neel Duncan, Peggy
Nunn Midler, Carol
Oelschlager Morrison, Elizabeth (Betsy)
Owen, William C.
Pichard, Brent
Satterfield, Bill
Tennis, Pete
VanLandingham Dragoo, Tish
Winterle, Mary J.

05-12-2010 (Gving up on alphabetical order -- Hoffman :)
Virginia Moss Vaughn
Shirley McEwan Moore
05-13-2010 (Gving up on alphabetical order -- Hoffman :)
Tom Alderson
Fred Deeb
Bernice Draughon Ingram
Bill Ervin
Carolyn Floyd Hobbs
Janet Langston Hall
Larry Letchworth
Virginia Moss Vaughan
Frances Spear White
Ernest Watkins
Bruce Weale
Alan Mendelson
Floyd "Whid" Whiddon
NOTE: There will be a table at the Friday night event where class members and spouses can leave their biz cards for others to take.  That will let us network a little more.

The Sunday Goodbye Continental breakfast will be held at the Cabot Lodge located at 1653 Raymond Diehl Road, just off Thomasville Road at the I-10 interchange.  At 10:00 we will meet poolside for an au revoir gathering.  If rainy we'll be inside.
Hope you all will join us.
Leon Class of 1960
50th Anniversary Reunion

Tallahassee, FL
May 14th - 16th 2010

Friday night Supper

Saturday morning Memorial Service

Saturday night Supper
Tallahassee Antique Car Museum

Sunday morning Brunch
Cabot Lodge
All of the ladies plus Deeno (if you can fill in any of the ??, email rjhoffman@yahoo.com)
Standing left to right:  Edith Berkowitz Gibbs, Diane Strickland Turner, Kay Lamb Culpepper, Marilyn Barineau Brown,
Peggy Neel Duncan, Hope Myers Munyon, Annette May Nolan (behind Hope), ?, Reba Carolyn Messer Gates, 
Mary Call Collins Proctor, Evelyn Ingram McDowell (behind Mary Call), Gail Mulchay Wray, Shirley Yarbrough Stout,
Mary Helen PopeDaniel, Tish Van Landingham Dragoo, Betty Sue Moates  McNeil, Frances Eubanks Gray,
Virginia Culpepper Thorne, Vicki Brown Fuqua, Kay Gluesenkamp, Linda Blinn Quick, Boots Miller Edwards, Charlotte Krans Blitt, Duane Eubanks Undersood, Patty Fain Searcy, Mel Laird Ackerman, Annette Hannon Lee, Robin Hood Davidson,
Cecile Williamson Baker, Janet Langston Hall, Nancy Ausley Hannon, Gen Alford Singleton, Lee Davenport Yeiser,
Sybil Coleman Field, Barbara Scott James, Mary Jo Winterle, Deeno Kitchen, Shirley McEwan Moore, Carol Nunn Midler,
Mary Jean Halstead, Betsy Jordan Markowski, Patsy Kelley Cooper, Velma Connell Matthew, ?.

Seated left to right:  Cynthis Couey Brubaker, Brenda Hutcheson Cobb, Anne Hooks Munroe, Joanne Wadsworth Brown,
Peggy Brock Carlson, Mary Helen Hall Ringe,  Carolyn Floyd Hobbs, Patricia Folsom Chessborough, Eleanor Donnell Weaver, Virginia Moss Vaughn, Margaret Ausley Stalvey, Elaine Folmar McConnell,  Linda Gordy Cooksey, Carolyn Hicks Ward,
Janice Jordan Tesch, Frances Spear White, Louise Srygley Bishop, Jacqueline Smith Hall.
All of the men  (if you can fill in any of the ??, email rjhoffman@yahoo.com)
Standing left to right: Mickey Harbin, Mark Ellerbee, Leslie Goldsmith, Bill Gwynn, Doug Payne, Tommy Johnson,
Bobby Lee Hunter, Harold Brock, Alan Mendelson, Marvin Collins, Gerald Grow, Larry Campbell, Richard Rowe, Brent Pichard,
Bill Ervin, Peter Tennis, Douglas Hoy,  David Frank,  Bill Owen, Larry Wolfe, Sandy Sims, Leon Cassels, John Overchuck , Floyd Whiddon

Seated left to right:  Richard Neves, Larry Letchworth, Jimmy Baggerly, Jack Stansel, Bruce Weale, George Sander-Cederlof,
Leonard Elzie, Deeno Kitchen, Ricky Anderson, Mickey Brady, Billy Satterfield, Tom Alderson,  Buddy Underwood, Fred Deeb, John Harllee
Directory is password-protected. Email for password to: ahannonlee@hotmail.com, vcthorne34@gmail.com, or margaret.stalvey@yahoo.com
We did planning for the 55th back on 2014 and all of the registration documents, etc. are on THIS PAGE. We never got around to putting any photos or other information about the Reunion on the website, but it was great -- as are all of our reunions. Use BACK or menu above to return to here.